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  • Category Antivirus | Anti-Malware
  • Version Latest
  • Info Update
  • File Size 310
  • OS Support Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1
  • Malware Test (15359) 100% Safe Tested & Virus/Malware Free.
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TrustPort USB Antivirus Sphere Description for Windows 10

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TrustPort USB Antivirus is a mobile solution for the secure transmission of data on interchangeable memory media for example flash disks or memory cards. It prevents copying of harmful codes onto your memory media.

Antivirus Protection

As soon as the memory medium is connected to a given computer the resident protection is activated. This prevents the storing of harmful codes on the given medium. So you never have to worry that while using a computer with an unknown level of security, for example in an internet cafe, that your USB flash disk or memory card will be infected.

Secure Shredding

It is important to delete sensitive confdential data after it is no longer in use in a way that no one can reconstruct it. For this task the program offers secure shredding as the disused fles are repeatedly overwritten with random data. You can choose from eight levels of security in shredding.

Basic Features

Portable security solution
Strong data encryption
Reliable data shredding
Excellent virus detection
Rapid response to threats
Virus quarantine
Event reporting


Secured data transfer through portable media

Protection against copying of a malicious code to a portable medium

Data encryption against unauthorized accesses

Automatic updates – always the present protection


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